Ancora Group is presenting Ancora Tutor, an innovative remote supervision and control system and the first of its kind designed for the polishing sector.

Ancora Tutor enables technicians to perform maintenance on their lines with complete autonomy. Unlike conventional systems, Ancora Tutor uses a wireless touch-screen terminal to allow technicians to interact with the machines and perform management and monitoring operations. In the event of alarms, Ancora Tutor displays a complete description of the problem, the likely causes and appropriate solutions. Furthermore, events are recorded in order to keep track of the frequency of malfunctions and the solutions adopted.

The technologies used on Ancora Tutor enable technicians and production managers to check the status of the production lines at all times. The system's unified interface also allows for rapid learning by all company personnel, reducing the timeframes and costs of training. The system can interface with all the machines that make up the production lines and can provide a range of information on general diagnostics, head diagnostics, plant diagnostics, tool wear, alarm management and recipe management.

The new information available enables Ancora Tutor to produce statistics on general plant operation, production, alarms and wear. The collected data enable customers to verify the general performance of their lines and to take the necessary action to improve efficiency and production cycles.