VisibilityThe user may see the data of the machine through a simple graphic interface installed on the machine
ConnectivityThe system use the company network to allows different working station to visualize the machine information (wi-fi, laptop, …)
SharingThe authorized users may monitor the line production from their office
Immediate responseIn case of alarms on the machine it is possible to know with higher accuracy what the problem is
InteractivityIt is possible to interact with the machine giving operative command to modify the working conditions as for example with a by pass where the problem is occurred
ThroughputThe continuity of production resulting from a reduction in line stoppages makes for higher overall throughput
SpeedArmed with a more detailed knowledge of contingent problems, Ancora technicians can target problems more accurately and solve them faster
MaintenanceStorage of machines historic data allows programming of maintenance interventions in accordance with production volumes in order to reduce downtimes caused by wear and tear of components
EfficiencyOn the basis of statistical analysis of data and a plant efficiency estimates, Ancora technicians can provide feedback on how to optimise the use of machines
Cost effectiveAn on-site service intervention by an Ancora technician is not always necessary. Some problems can be solved directly by the customer
RapidityIn the case of fault signals transmitted by production lines, technicians are immediately informed of the problem, even when the operator is not currently manning the machine in question
ProfessionalismThe Ancora organisation is always at hand to support customers with its staff of expert and informed personnel